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Once again, we saw Jake Sammut (McLaren) finishing first in the second sprint race of the season which secured him a pole position start for the main race that, he ended up winning.

Within a few seconds of the main race, we saw an unfortunate retirement from both Chris Sammut (Haas) and Wayne Micallef (Aston Martin) after colliding on the way to turn one. Following an unlucky attempt to overtake Matthias Farrugia (AlphaTauri) on Adrian Manduca (Haas), which ended up in a collision that made them lose positions down the grid. Anthony Calabrese (McLaren) tried a desperate last lap overtake on Adrian Manduca (Haas) which ended up with him crashing and ending at the bottom of the top ten. Once again Jake Sammut (McLaren) was awarded the fastest lap of the race after an outstanding performance throughout the whole race. Brandon Bonello (Mercedes) and Jamie Zahra (Alfa Romeo) finished once again on the podium. This was also a memorable race for Osbert Xuereb (Mercedes) as he managed to take hold of his first point this season and earn the Driver of the Day Award.

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