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What has become Velocity Esports Racing started out from an appeal on a local sports page on social media in order to gauge local interest in establishing a community dedicated to Formula 1 Esports targeting the official F1 Game Series published by developer Codemasters. This occurred during the height of the pandemic in March 2020 when all social activity was halted. From around 20 participants in the first weeks, today Velocity boasts over 150 active people in its community. These individuals vary from the more relaxed and casual racers to those who have the potential to become professional sim-drivers.

The first foray into the scene saw the organisation of numerous casual virtual racing events, culminating in the formation of the first V1 Malta Series in April 2020 & a support championship showcasing the Formula 2 series. Both championships concluded in the first week of July on the eve of the release of the current game in the series, F1 2020. Today Velocity Esports Racing is proud to be organising the most elite series on the island; the V1 Malta Series & Asphalt Kings, with signups closing in just a few hours due to a heavy demand.



Velocity Esports Racing have created multiple in-house events & leagues, establishing Malta’s most elite series. New events and leagues are in development.


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Mario Bellizzi


Chris Ciantar

Community Officer

Brandon Bonello


Christian Sammut


Jake Sammut

Sports Development Officer

Anthony Calabrese

Public Relations Officer

Andrew Zarb

Head Steward

Noel Bellizzi

Technology Officer


Most frequent questions and answers
Announcements for new leagues and tournaments can be found on our Facebook page or Discord Server. For more enquiries our Discord server link can be found above in our social links.
Even though steering is recommended we have some drivers that drive on joypad. Depends on the driver’s preference.
Apart from the Main Championship, we also host Tier 2 and Tier 3 championships which drivers are much more open to the usage of assists.
Although applications for new drivers will be closed, you can still apply as a reserve driver so that if one driver is absent you can take his place for that race.
Main Championship every Monday – 9pm
Tier 2 every Thursday – 9pm
Tier 3 every Thursday – 7pm
As Velocity grows more people are needed to help and expand the passion for sim-racing. If you are interested in joining kindly ask one of our League admins on Discord.
Yes, all tournaments hosted by Velocity Esports Racing are free to join.
At the moment F1 22 is the main game although tournaments like Asphalt Kings® are hosted on Gran Turismo. Platform is PlayStation 4/5.