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Round 7– Singapore, (Marina Bay Circuit)

Ryan Carabott, once again, made a stunning comeback as a reserve driver in the sixth round of the V1 Malta Series Main Championship in Miami, winning both the Sprint Race and the Feature Race in a dominant fashion.


The rainy qualifying session saw Brandon Bonello (Williams) securing pole position for the Sprint Race. However, it was Adrian Manduca (Ferrari) who took the early lead into turn one. But it didn’t take long for Carabott to snatch the lead and pull away from the rest of the pack, eventually winning the race comfortably.


In the Feature Race, Matthias Farrugia (Alfa Romeo) made an incredible start, taking the lead, from third, after the lights went out. But Carabott, as he did in the Sprint Race, was quick to take the lead after only four laps, and never looked back. He went on to win the race by a massive 20 seconds, with Farrugia finishing second. Unfortunately, Bonello spun out during the race and dropped down to 12th place, denting his hopes of extending his lead in the championship standings. He still managed to climb back up to 7th place. In the midfield, we saw many battles even though this track proved to be a challenging one. 


Kevin Lucchese (Aston Martin) was awarded the Driver of the Day award for his impressive performance, gaining 11 positions over the course of the Sprint and Feature Races. Ryan Carabott set the Fastest Lap of the race, earning the maximum amount of points.


Stay in touch with us next Monday at 9pm on the Velocity Esports Racing Facebook or YouTube page for the next round of the V1 Malta Series Main Championship.Matthias Farrugia (Alfa Romeo) wins his second sprint race of the season after a tense final lap which saw Christian Caruana (Aston Martin) suffer a game disconnection which cost him the win. This win helped Farrugia close the gap towards the championship leader and joining the fight for first place.


The rain-soaked qualifying saw a front-row lockout by the Aston Martins of Christian Caruana and Kevin Lucchese, with Caruana snatching pole position by a mere 0.053. Caruana surprised everyone with this pole position as this was his first race back after he was not able to race for a couple of rounds due to a problem with his hardware. 


In the race, Caruana positioned his car badly which made him lose traction at the start. Lucchese initially got off to a great start and managed to overtake his teammate into turn 1. The two Aston Martins then pulled away from the rest of the pack and seemed to be in control of the race until Lucchese had an incident that forced him to retire just three laps shy of the finish line. After an incident by Andrea Borg (Haas), the safety car was deployed, causing major drama as it was deployed around the pit window of some drivers. Those who pitted before the safety car period lost a lot of time compared to the others who were lucky enough to pit during the safety car period. A few laps after the restart, Christian Caruana (Aston Martin) was handed a 3s time penalty for exceeding track limits. Towards the end of the race, he was leading by more than 5s, which was theoretically enough for him to keep first. However, fate had other plans, as in the very last two corners, Caruana suffered a game disconnection, losing his advantage and ultimately ending up in third place after serving his penalty.


Despite not winning the race, Christian Caruana (Aston Martin) was awarded the Driver of the Day for his incredible performance, showing his worth around one of the hardest tracks in the calendar. Keith Muscat (McLaren) was awarded the Fastest Lap award after an incredible lap with soft tyres near the end of the race.


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