Velocity Esports Racing

Velocity Ultimate Masters: Team Racing League Season 2

Velocity Esports Racing will embark once again on the International Stage as we present the Ultimate Masters: Team Racing League. This will be the second season of Ultimate Masters but the first with Velocity Esports Racing.

In this championship, 10 International Esports Teams will participate, each bringing a 15 Driver Roster to the competition. Team Managers will have the critical responsibility of choosing two drivers per race to represent their team. This strategic selection process adds a layer of complexity to the competition, allowing teams to tailor their lineup to each race’s specific challenges. One of the unique features of the Ultimate Masters is the absence of an individual Drivers Championship. The spotlight is solely on the Team Championship, promoting a cohesive and cooperative spirit among the drivers as it encourages them to put the team’s goals first. The point system in Ultimate Masters diverges from the official Formula 1 rules. All drivers, except for the last-place finisher, will be awarded points. This incentivizes competitors to push their limits and strive for the best possible performance, even if they encounter challenges during the race. Additionally, the driver who secures the fastest lap and pole position will earn an extra point, making every lap and qualifying session a potential game-changer.

The excitement kicks off with the Qualifiers at the Abu Dhabi track on Tuesday, 18th July, where 2 selected drivers from each team will participate in a Qualifying Session where the 10 fastest combined time will qualify for the championship. A week later, the teams will race their first round around the track of Austria.

Stay up to date on the latest news about the Ultimate Masters Season 2 by following Velocity Esports Racing and Ultimate Masters on social media. Races will be streamed on Velocity’s Facebook and YouTube, and Ultimate Masters’ Twitch and Kick channels.