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Round 10– Mexico, (Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez)

Adrian Manduca (Ferrari) wins the penultimate round of the V1 Malta Series Main Championship in Mexico.

The qualifying set the stage for an intense showdown, as Christian Sammut (Alpha Tauri) stunned everyone by delivering a flawless lap that secured him his first pole position. Sammut managed to hold on to the lead at the start, but Adrian Manduca (Ferrari) was all over the back of Sammut up until lap 5 where he overtook him. Manduca started disappearing from the rest of the grid together with his championship rival Brandon Bonello (Williams). A lap after halfway distance, rain started taking over the track, forcing the drivers to make a crucial pit stop for intermediate tyres. This transformed the race into a battle of skill and adaptability. The rain seemed like a challenge to many drivers. Bonello seemed to struggle behind Manduca in these conditions and to make things worse, he received two 3-second time penalties for exceeding track limits, dashing any hopes of a late comeback. Despite his best efforts to stay within striking distance of Manduca, the penalties proved to be an insuperable obstacle. Nevertheless, Bonello showcased his resilience and determination, securing a commendable second-place finish with Daniel Cini (Mercedes) right behind him in third place.

The Fastest Lap Award was awarded to Adrian Manduca (Ferrari) as he set the fastest lap of the race to earn maximum points. Daniel Cini (Mercedes) was awarded the Driver of the Day Award after getting his first podium of the season, and his first in the V1 Malta Series.  

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